You Will Want to Read This Story!

 You’ll want to read this story.  I promise it will make you smile from your ears to your toes!

Bella 3

My rescue, Bella, who has been with me for over 6 years

 A few days ago, I was at work.  Since I currently work in retail, I see a lot of new faces on a daily basis.  

 On this particular day, a gentleman walked in with a t-shirt that read, “I just want to drink wine and rescue dogs.”

i just want to drink wine and rescue dogs tshirt

 I saw this shirt advertised on Facebook over a year ago and have been desperately wanting it. The stranger approached and I exclaimed, “I absolutely love your shirt!”

 The next fifteen minutes were taken up swapping dog pictures and rescue stories.   My little Bella was abused and mistreated before she became a permanent part of my life.  Although less than 10 pounds, she has a personality as big as anyone twenty times her size and is lovingly nicknamed my “lovebug.”  Because of the love and acceptance she has found with me, she has changed from being a starving, scared skeleton of a dog, to a healthy and happy Min-pin who excitedly greets everyone she knows with joyous barking and excessive wagging. Bella is the love of my life and I would not still be here without her.

Bella 1

My lovebug, Bella

 The gentleman currently has 7 rescue dogs, mostly Beagles.  Of course, my phone came out and I excitedly showed him pictures of Bella. He, in turn, showed me pictures of his dogs and shared their stories and the little personality quirks that make them unique.  

 The conversation had to end eventually, but this stranger and I had connected because of our love for dogs and passion for rescues.  Several times I told him how much I loved his shirt and how, someday, I wanted one for myself.  After he left, I smiled because I had truly enjoyed our conversation, but went back to concentrating on work.

 The next day, this man walked back into the store.  I was chatting with my co-worker when I saw him walk through the door, and a smile spread across my face.  “What shirt are you wearing today?” I jokingly asked him, before noticing a small plastic bag in his hands.

 With a shy smile, he handed me the bag.  “This is for you,” he explained.

 It was the same style shirt he had been wearing before.  If it wasn’t the one he was literally wearing when I met him, it was an exact copy.

 My mouth dropped open.  Basically, this stranger was giving me the shirt off of his back.  Met with such kindness, I was unsure how to respond properly.  All I could think of was, thank him, thank him again, and hug him!!!

 And so I did, hugging the bag to my chest.  After several minutes of me gushing on about how grateful I was and how much I loved this unexpected gift, the stranger left.

 In the excitement, I didn’t think to catch his name, or ask if I could give him anything in return (homemade cookies or dog treats came to mind later).  Since this incident I have looked for this man everyday at work, hoping he would stumble back into the shop and I could express my thanks yet again.  No sighting so far, but I’ll keep you posted!

 It’s so easy in this world to become overwhelmed by the suffering we see on a daily basis.  Evil and selfish human beings seem to abound, but this act of kindness from a complete stranger helped to restore my faith that there are, truly, good people left in this world!

dog rescue pic

life without a rescue way pic


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