Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers!happy-thanksgiving-pic-3


My list of gratitude this year is rather endless, but here are the major bullet points:


I’m thankful for

YOU, my dear and wonderful readers, for helping to make this blog what it is

my family, who love and support me despite this ridiculous illness

-my dog Bella, without whom I would not still be alive

-my Lyme wifey, who makes my life complete in so many ways

-my friends, who show time and again how loving and understanding friendship can be

-my LLMD, who has helped to give me my life back

-the Lyme community, who help me time and again with understanding and accepting my disease


I’ve included some Thanksgiving humor as well.  Have a wonderful Turkey Day everyone!






4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

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