Car Problems

I hate car trouble.  Like, really hate it.  But I have been exceptionally blessed with my car: it has given me 8 years of faithful service so far with few problems.

Until yesterday morning that is, when it started making a truly horrific noise before breaking down on the side of the road! It picked a good spot though –  literally two minutes from my mechanics.  After my wonderful father came and picked me up, my mechanic determined that the AC compressor was at fault and needed to be fixed right away.

If the problem had continued, much more serious issues would have occurred.  I’m grateful for my blessings, but this unexpected cost is throwing me a bit…the mechanic spent the entire morning working on my car and it is drivable now, but the cost is equaling around $600.  I brought them cookies this morning to thank them for taking such good care of me, but I also decided to start a fundraiser to help raise the needed amount.

Life never ceases to be interesting! Keep up with my fundraiser here:


My Honda Civic, bedazzled with awesome bumper stickers


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