Life Updates!


A few weeks ago, I started a fundraiser to raise money to cover the costs of my car repairs (see blog post Car Problems).  I worked out a payment plan and have been able to cover over half of the total! To keep up with my fundraiser, see this site:

  I still need to raise more money.  I understand it’s a busy season but if you are able to pitch in even a few dollars, I would be extremely grateful. Thank you for taking the time to check out my fundraiser and see why my car is so important to me!



Also,’ tis the Christmas season! This year I am making most of my Christmas gifts for friends and family and greatly enjoying it.  I’ll reveal WHAT exactly I’m making, AFTER the gifts have been given!



I’m continuing my Movie Challenge.  Keep posted for an update on my list soon! See blog posts 100 Movies for my 30th Year! and 100 Movies: Update



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