Happy New Year (and belated Merry Christmas)!

It’s 2017! I always say “this past year has gone by so fast” but really, I think time has stayed the same, despite the craziness of my every day life. 

2016 could have ended on a very bad note for me regarding the love of my life, my fur-baby Bella. However as I ring in the new year, I am filled with hope for her. On Christmas day, I took Bella to the ER vet. We had made two trips to her regular vet in the 24 hours before Christmas, but Bella was still in a tremendous amount of pain. Her vet and I suspected her bad back as being the culprit, but I had never, EVER seen my baby go through that kind of pain. 

After an examination, the ER vet told me that Bella has disc disease. She gave Bella an injection full of pain medicine and recommended I get acupuncture/cold laser treatment/combination of both as a way to treat the disease. Since Christmas, Bella has had several treatments of acupuncture/cold laser/massage,and I am so grateful to be able to report improvement in her condition. After several weeks of these healing treatments my plan is to begin aquatherapy at home, to build up Bella’s strength. Because she is 7 1/2 pounds and full of personality, I cannot keep her from doing some damage to her back (by jumping/running), but by doing constant exercises, her body should be able to handle the stress without having to endure this kind of pain. 

Bella is, quite frankly, my reason for living. To be without her would be like being without my heart and soul. Because of her, I have survived an addiction, break ups, loss of jobs and independence, and years of being bedridden due to Lyme disease. While I fully understand that she will not live forever, I need others to understand that with every breath I take, I am loving Bella, missing Bella, talking to Bella, thinking about Bella. She is my miracle. And if I never experience another miracle in life, I will know that I could not have appreciated or loved this little miracle any more than I have.
Thankfully, a new year is here,bringing new thoughts of hope. While I do have goals for the upcoming year, I would prefer to list the goals I accomplished/good things that happened to me in 2016. This past year certainly wasn’t perfect, but I’m still grateful for the following:

I survived (with chronic Lyme disease, surviving is a constant struggle)

-I stuck to the Palio diet and improved my gut, Candida, muscle/joint pain, and fatigue by doing so

-I discovered that my migraines would significantly decrease by simply supplementing my pill regimen with Feverfew on a daily basis (more on this later)

-I continued to collaborate with my doctor on ways to fight the Lyme in my body

-I learned much more about cooking/baking in 365 days then I had in my previous 20+ years, and was able to continually cook for family, friends and myself (a trait that for the most part, everyone else greatly appreciated)

-I joined the workforce again after several years of being too sick to work…and haven’t been fired yet! 

-I was able to spend quality time with dear and trusted friends, including days learning to can with T, and a trip to DC with A (I also enjoyed going to the movie theatre only once in 2016, to see The Secret Life of Pets with K)

-I was blessed to spend many quiet hours reading or watching TV, while curled up with Bella, and discovered the genius of Agatha Christie, E.M. Forster, and other modern classic authors

-I found a new hair color that suited me (after many ill attempts with various dye jobs) and am now comfortable using and recommending henna hair dye

-I saved a tremendous amount of money by making most of my own beauty products

-I attempted joining an exercise program (which I thoroughly enjoyed but had to quit due to a chronic infection…however, it is a new year! )

-I watched many classic films after beginning my challenge to see all 100 of the best American movies ever made (so far, favorites include Some Like It Hot,  Schindler’s List, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)

-I endured my car breaking down on the side of the road for the first time ever

-I went to the beach with my sister, her husband and my nephew

-I turned 30 years old and finally feel like I’m beginning to act as a true adult would

-and many other blessings, too numerous to name

  • My New Year’s wish for you:

May 2017 be filled with hope and healing for each and every one of you. No matter your goals starting out, I pray when this year comes to an end, you will be able to look back and see the blessings that occurred and the battles you survived. 


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year (and belated Merry Christmas)!

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