Feverfew…a migraine miracle?

  In one of my recent blog posts, I listed several of the many blessings I experienced in 2016 (see Happy New Year (and belated Merry Christmas)!). One of them was in reference to the reduced amount of migraines I have been having, thanks to a little herb called Feverfew.

I didn’t want to write a blog post about Feverfew right away, even though I have been taking this particular herb for several months now. Sometimes, a supplement will work for me at the beginning, then it’s effectiveness is reduced over time. Also, the results I saw at the beginning seemed so fantastic, I was wary regarding whether or not it would actually continue to work.

Now, several months into taking this herb, I am ready to share my news!


  First, a little history…
  At age 13, I began experiencing a headache…that never, ever, EVER went away. Then, the one headache decided it wasn’t doing enough damage, so several other headaches decided to join in on the fun. The headaches were my first symptom of chronic Lyme disease (which I discovered 10 years after first experiencing the never-ending headache). During those 10 years of searching for a reason/cure, I had an average of 5 headaches daily and would often have a migraine on top of those 5 “regular” headaches. Life was not much fun.
  After my diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease, I began working on serious treatment…and am still continuing to work on treating the Lyme. After 17 years of fighting this horrible disease (that in many ways, is worse than cancer), I still have not beaten Lyme disease. However, I have found several supplements/treatments/medications that help keep the symptoms under control.
  For the headaches, I’ve tried so many things…so many things. My doctors have given me several prescriptions over the years that have helped to curb the pain, but I am always seeking alternative treatments versus prescription medication. I had researched and tried this particular herb called “Feverfew” but it had never done much for me…the instructions indicated I should take it at the onset of a migraine, and that is what I tried. Even so, the migraine always persisted.


A few months ago, after experiencing over 10 migraines within 30 days (the kind of migraines that make you want to just throw your hands up and die), I began researching anew and found this forum about Feverfew. After reading several comments, I found one from a mother who said that she gave her daughter Feverfew EVERY DAY as a preventative to migraines, and that it was working for her daughter. I had never thought about/read about taking Feverfew as a preventative, but I figured, why not try?

Here are some basics on Feverfew:

  • Feverfew is a traditional medicinal herb called tanacetum parthenium, and is plant based

  • Feverfew has been used as an herbal treatment to reduce fevers, treat headaches, treat arthritis, and treat tummy issues

  • Trial studies have not proven to be 100% effective in reducing headaches for the participants (out of 5 trials during a 2004 study, 3 were effective, 2 were not)

  • Feverfew can be taken in capsule or tablet form, in a tincture or tea, or, it can be home-grown and harvested

  • Feverfew is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding


While many people have found relief from headaches with this herb, it is not always effective. I still keep over-the-counter and prescription drugs ready, in case of a serious migraine.



Since starting Feverfew several months ago, I have noticed a serious decrease in migraines. I mean, SERIOUS!

I was experiencing, on average, two migraines per week. Those migraines would last 24-48 hours each, despite medication, and would often bring difficult side effects with them (such as blacking out/getting seriously nauseous). It would take a minimum of three days to recover from one migraine.

Now, for the past three months, I have experienced a total of three migraines. For those of you who have difficulty with math, that is one migraine per month.


One migraine per month, versus two migraines per week, is an amazing result for me. After the first month I was holding my breath, fearful that it was simply a fluke. But low and behold, the next two months were the same (even with the holidays!).


Needless to say, I am EXCITED to share my news with you!!! Currently, I am taking Feverfew in capsule form, once in the morning. In each capsule, there is 700mg of actual Feverfew (a high dose – many bottles have 200-300mg in each pill, in which case they often prescribe 2 pills/day).


  If you are interested in trying Feverfew for yourself, I would recommend you research the following sites (just type in Feverfew in the search section):





Also, do a search online to find forums/personal reviews of others who have tried this herb. Everyone’s experience is different.  My experience of taking Feverfew as a preventative is too good NOT to share however, and I sincerely hope that results are similar for those of you who try it.


  If you do try, or if you have tried in the past, what was your experience with Feverfew? Would you recommend it to others?


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