Exercise and Lyme: an Update

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post discussing the possibility of exercising even while dealing with a chronic illness (see blog post Exercise & Lyme).

dog doing yoga

  After posting that article, I received more responses than ever before! The topic of exercise is a hot one, let me tell you. It was wonderful to get feedback from so many people, and now I am pleased to give you an update on my OWN exercise life!


Not so long ago, I was bedridden from my disease. It is nothing short of miraculous then, that I am now keeping up with so much on an everyday basis. Several weeks ago, I decided to add in some exercise as well, believing that my body was ready for it.

  Readers….it has been GREAT so far! Read my reviews of what I have tried:



Originating in ancient India, yoga focuses on your physical, mental and spiritual core. The art of breathing and holding different positions helps to strengthen your body but also brings you back in touch with your spiritual being.

Yoga isn’t completely new to me. I practiced yoga and meditation at home in the past and enjoyed the results. Now, I’m attending yoga group classes and absolutely loving it. It is low impact and relaxing, however it definitely stretch those muscles! This is something I’m planning on continuing at least once a week!

cat excercing 2



Oh, baby! Dance moves, loud music, big smiles…who wouldn’t love Zumba? This program combines both Latin and International music for an aerobic workout with interval training (alternating between fast and slow rhythms). I know for some, this type of workout isn’t for them, but I enjoy every minute of it and have found it highly addictive.

In the Zumba fitness classes I have been attending, I am often one of ten to twenty other participants. We are given several water breaks (which are needed) and we use light equipment to help enhance the workout.  Our instructor keeps us moving and grooving while completing anywhere from 6000-10000 steps during a 50-minute session. Although I find myself exhausted afterwards, I never lose my smile during these classes because they are incredibly enjoyable! I am looking forward to continuing Zumba every week.

dog excercising


 Keep posted for more updates as I try other fitness classes!

Do you exercise? What works best for you and your body/lifestyle?


3 thoughts on “Exercise and Lyme: an Update

  1. Wow Shelby!! Go you. So amazed. And thank you for the write up on Feverfew and Migraines. I have started taking it since then and it has really helped! Such a relief and a strength at the same time. Hugs! ME

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