Pills, Pills, Pills

As a chronically ill Lyme patient, there are always areas within my body that need treatment. This treatment often comes in the form of medication or supplements.   Although I take enough of both to choke a horse, I understand why I am taking them and how they are intended to build up and heal my overloaded system. pills picture


The responsibility of taking multiple prescribed medications and recommended supplements never dissipates, however. In fact, that responsibility is constantly tested because my doctor and I are constantly adding more pills to my regimen. For example, I had a doctor’s appointment a few days ago and after going over some recent tests I had completed, my doctor appointed me three new medications and two new supplements. There was no nay-saying from me; on the tests my body showed signs of great weakness in several areas and therefore getting on helpful medications and supplements (including homeopathic remedies) was an excellent way to go about treating those weaknesses.


   However, the fact remains that my days are filled with a multitude of pills. My 40-plus pills per day treatment plan have increased to close to fifty pills per day. For some LYMIES out there, this is nothing; for others, this amount is overwhelming.   I’ve grown to accept the fact that my life cannot be lived without piles of pills, but I must claim constant bouts of discouragement when I face the many bottles of medications and supplements in my room. There are so many! Yes, they are all for a good cause, but goodness me, sometimes I wonder how my stomach makes room for them all.


Pills, pills, pills. Part of a LYMIE’S life.

Someday I should calculate how many pills I take per year. I imagine that number would astound more than myself!


Support Your Local Pharmacy

  In the past ten days, I have made multiple trips to the local pharmacy in order to pick up medications. This scenario is nothing new; I have so many medications that I am a frequent customer, both dropping off prescriptions and picking up more medications.  pharmacist1

  I don’t think the pharmacy would still exist without me as a customer. Not only do I have a ton of medications due to the complications of chronic Lyme, but many of the medications are very expensive.

  Many Lyme patients experience the same scenario: they have necessary hard-hitting medications, but are forced to pay unreasonable prices at their local pharmacy for these meds.

  Without Lyme patients, do you think half of the pharmacies would exist around us? I’m not sure if mine would! They get more of my money than is believable. However, I must have the meds, so what can I do?


  Support your local pharmacy.  Have Lyme disease.