Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


Many of my readers are mothers.

Many of my readers also struggle with chronic illnesses, or have children who are struggling with health issues.

My own mother has Lyme disease and often deals with insomnia. No matter what symptoms flair each day however, she always puts her kids first.

She started and ran a Lyme Disease Support Group, the first in our county, for many years. She continually researches new treatments and new doctors. In fact, I have her to thank for telling me about two LLMD’s that, together, have helped to save my life.

My mother isn’t perfect; she has her bad days just like anyone else with Lyme. But she is the best mother a girl could ever ask for and has ALWAYS believed and supported me through my illness.

To my mother: your continued love and endurance is incredible and more appreciated than you realize. You gave me the gift of life. You love me no matter how I look, feel or act. Even on rough days, you encourage me and lift me up. If I am half the woman you are someday, I will consider myself successful in life. Today and forever, I love you and will always be grateful to God for having you as my mother.